We are investing in a diverse portfolio of technologies that will reduce GHG emissions, and we’re helping innovators address barriers to commercialization.

Synergraze is developing a feed additive to reduce emissions from cattle.










NanosTech’s New Technology Is Catalyzing Change In Alberta’s Oil Sands
New Tech Helps TAQA North Reduce Gas Plant Emissions In Half
City of Edmonton and Strathcona County trial hydrogen buses
Scaling Innovation In Alberta’s Concrete Sector
Sparks Eggs Eliminates Waste from the Sorting and Packaging Process
Elemental’s Solar And Storage Project Includes Equity Partnership With First Nation
Fortisalberta Delivers Backup Power To Waterton Lakes National Park Townsite
Edmonton Cement Plant Advances Carbon Capture And Storage Project
Storing Carbon in Depleted Oil and Gas Reservoirs
Qube Uses Artificial Intelligence to Identify and Reduce Methane Emissions
The Best Technologies for your Buck
Reclaiming mining tires could lead to $45 billion market opportunity
Clean energy transition requires smart investment, sound policy, and promising technologies
Calgary Aggregate Recycling Repurposes Waste Into Valuable Construction Materials 
Tremel Greenhouses grows greener with heating and lighting improvements
ENMAX first utility in Canada to pilot medium-duty electric fleet vehicles
Get the most out of the Energy Savings for Business program
LanzaTech’s Carbon Recycling Technology Turns Waste into Saleable Products
UFA lighting project shines brighter—and greener
Carbonova Creates the Material of the Future
City of Calgary to Deploy Electric Buses and Rapid-Charging Infrastructure
ENMAX explores carbon capture unit at its Shepard Energy Centre
LED lighting provides perfect growing conditions for Sunterra Greenhouse’s ripe-picked produce
ATCO explores heating homes with hydrogen to reduce emissions
Innovative project refines low-grade oil and hatches “Big Ugly Battery”
CHP Solutions leads the way in co-generative power transition
Capital Power to convert carbon into a versatile, highly-valuable product
Ceres Solutions turns brewery waste into gourmet mushrooms and enhanced cattle feed
CP looks to hydrogen locomotives to lead decarbonization of freight transportation sector
SYLVIS Environmental Services reclaims old mines to produce biomass feedstock
Savings from new boiler help YWCA reinvest in core programs
Frozen food packaging company cuts electricity consumption with energy efficient upgrades
Lafarge improves efficiency and cuts emissions with new lighting and upgraded motor drives
Ski resort upgrades chairlift to reduce emissions and lower operating costs
The Ice Cream Depot keeps desserts frozen with help from the sun
ERA invests $1.8 million in drone reforestation technology pilot project
Blindman Brewing adopts carbon capture and reuse technology
Reducing cattle emissions up to 90 per cent through a feed additive
Modern Wellbore’s technology helps drill wells more economically and environmentally efficiently
New solar project helps supply power to Enbridge pipelines
Province’s first co-produced geothermal power project a made-in-Alberta solution
Gazoduq aims to cut pipeline emissions with new technology
Quantiam bolsters business model to support technology
Kuva Systems: Making the invisible measurable
In Situ Oil Sands Investments Are Creating Alberta’s Energy Future
Energy efficiency helps Alberta sawmill stay on the cutting edge
Fort McMurray shopping mall saves big on power
Orion Plastics gains competitive advantage through better energy management
Carbon Upcycling uses the pollution of today to build tomorrow
ATCO project blends hydrogen with natural gas to reduce emissions
New peatland study outlines ways to protect valuable carbon sinks
Beef without the burps: lowering methane emissions from cattle with new feed ingredient
Lethbridge Biogas providing value-added opportunity for agricultural production, processing
Lafarge’s low carbon fuels project to create jobs, reduce emissions, limit landfilling
DarkVision goes downhole to improve integrity and performance of wells
Titanium recovers valuable minerals from oil sands waste
Mangrove opens up $450 million opportunity
CarbonCure creates cleaner concrete with new technology
Insight M’s methane emissions technology taking of globally
First-of-its-kind geothermal pilot to produce reliable baseload power
Conditions for Success: Inspiring a Culture of Innovative Leadership
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Driving change is “not a single-threaded problem”
Testing facilities help advance carbon positive technologies
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Carbon Creativity: Turning A Problem Into a Solution
Canadian technologies can help decarbonize emissions around the world
Alberta-Pacific is not just a pulp and paper company, it’s a pulp and power company
ENMAX to test solar and battery storage at oil and gas plant
Inventys to demonstrate carbon capture technology at Husky
Brooks Solar can now power 3,000 homes
Q&A with Steve MacDonald: CEO
Q&A with Mark Summers: Executive Director, Technology and Innovation
CNRL’S in pit extraction process targets eliminating tailings ponds, reducing GHGs
Q&A with Kathleen Sendall: Outgoing Board Chair
Technology aims to help in-situ oil sands operations reduce GHG’s, operating costs
MEG Energy expands eMVAPEX propane-injection project
Clean seas technology seen as solution to new shipping regulations
Q&A with Elizabeth Shirt: Executive Director, Policy and Strategy
Imperial Project could reduce emissions by 90 per cent