Clean seas technology seen as solution to new shipping regulations

It’s a big statement made by an industry heavyweight: “This is actually the most disruptive thing that’s happened to the upgrading business since the 1930s,” said Neil Camarta, director and founder of Enlighten Innovations (formerly Field Upgrading). Their Clean Seas Project received $10-million in funding from ERA’s Oil Sands Innovation Challenge to develop and construct a demonstration facility for its DSU® technology. The initiative reduces the cost and improves the efficiency of using sodium to remove acids, metals, and Sulphur from oil. This low Sulphur marine fuel will have a huge impact when new regulations by the International Maritime Organization take place January 1, 2020. The tighter shipping rules are expected to increase prices for heavy oil that contain high levels of Sulphur. ERA and Enlighten Innovations are leading the way in identifying and developing technology to meet this challenge.