We are innovators, builders and ground breakers.

We are Emissions Reduction Alberta – ERA.

We are innovators. We are builders. And we are ground breakers.

We invest in and propel promising technologies that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions along the path of innovation from idea to market. Our plans are big and our vision is ambitious.

We know imagining new possibilities is the first step to advancing innovation. As innovators, we imagine a better future. A sustainable, lower carbon future. One we can create together.

Imagine a future where industry, innovators and government are aligned on common outcomes.

Imagine a future where entrepreneurs and industries operate to a higher standard of economic and environmental sustainability.

Imagine a future where scientists, researchers and technology developers get the support and investment they need to develop and commercialize game-changing technologies. And where those technologies pave the way for new companies and new industries.

Imagine a future where emissions are captured and used to create everyday products – from chemicals and fertilizers to cement and hockey sticks.

Imagine a future where new technologies mean new jobs – where thousands of Albertans go to work creating cleaner, more sustainable energy sources every day. And where those cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy power our homes, businesses, industries, and communities.

Imagine a future where those who share and support our vision know they are helping to create a better province for future generations.

Imagine a future we can build together where Alberta’s reputation is synonymous with economic growth, community health and environmental leadership on a local, national and global scale.

This future is possible. It will take work. But we know it will be worth it.

As builders, our investments are a cornerstone in the foundation for a prosperous Alberta with a diverse economy, a healthy environment, and technologies that are sought throughout the world. This type of progress takes time and sustained commitment.

ERA has proven that this progress is possible.

Our efforts are helping to create tomorrow. From supporting inventors to collaborating with investors and industry, we are working together to identify and develop solutions that address our most urgent challenges.

Doing the same thing better is no longer enough. We need to develop new ideas that lead to new technologies and new products.

As ground breakers, we know there’s no reward without risk. ERA is investing in a diverse portfolio of transformative, sustainable technologies that reduce emissions. This is our moment to push technology beyond conventional limits. We have the opportunity not only to innovate, but to change the game entirely.

But we need to act now.

In the future, we should never have to ask ourselves if we have done enough. We can produce oil with lower emissions. We can create power from landfill waste. We can eliminate methane emissions. And we can create a stronger innovation ecosystem that generates new industries and jobs in Alberta. We have the people, the resources and the drive to do all of this and show the world that Alberta can be a leader in clean energy production.

The future is uncertain, but our ability to make a difference has never been clearer. The world is calling for action – ERA is responding.

Our actions will help define who we are as a province, and how the world sees us as clean energy leaders.

We are dreamers – but we are also doers. Together, we can do more than imagine a better future. We can build one. A future that our families and communities will benefit from, and one we can all be proud to have helped create.

Mandate and Vision


Reduce GHG emissions and grow Alberta’s economy by accelerating the development and adoption of innovative technology solutions.


Alberta has competitive industries that deliver sustainable environmental outcomes, attract investment, and are building a diversified, lower carbon economy.

Value Proposition

We fund projects using the revenues from the carbon price paid by large final emitters that reduce GHGs and create competitive industries in Alberta.
Our investment helps innovators develop and demonstrate GHG-reducing technologies that enable new business opportunities.

Strategic Priorities

To achieve ERA’s vision and mandate, we will:

ERA Annual Reports

Our annual reports demonstrate our ongoing commitment to accelerating technologies that reduce GHG emissions and to delivering on the performance metrics that are set out in our business plan.

Technology Roadmap

ERA has developed a Technology Roadmap to help guide investment decisions and inform our portfolio mix.

Business Plan

ERA’s vision, mandate and strategic priorities guide our operations. Our Business Plan outlines how we will achieve our mandate and how performance will be measured.

Research Reports

ERA prepares or participates in research and analysis that supports our mandate

The Team

ERA Management Team (from left to right) Amanda Amyotte, Jennifer Cleall, Heather Stephens, Steve MacDonald, Michelle Gurney, Elizabeth Shirt and Mark Summers.

Senior Management

Steve MacDonald

Chief Executive Officer, Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)

Steve MacDonald

Steve MacDonald

Chief Executive Officer, Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)

Steve MacDonald is CEO of (ERA), an Alberta-based, board-governed not-for-profit corporation with a mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow Albertas economy by accelerating the development and adoption of innovation technology solutions. To date ERA has invested approximately $572 million in 164 technology projects worth over $4.3 billion. 

Prior to taking the leadership role at ERA, MacDonald had an extensive career in the Alberta Public Service, serving in a range of ministries including Treasury Board, Energy, Human Services, Innovation and Advanced Education and Executive Council. During this time, he led major initiatives to guide and transform policy and delivery systems to improve outcomes for Albertans including Albertas Social Policy Framework and province-wide economic and environmental initiatives.  

Steve holds the ICD.D designation and is a Director on the Board of the Canada West Foundation. He is also a part-time instructor in the University of Albertas MBA and Executive Education programs. In 2018, Steve was honored to become a member of the Kainai Chieftainship. 

Elizabeth Shirt

Executive Director, Policy and Strategy

Elizabeth Shirt

Elizabeth Shirt

Executive Director, Policy and Strategy

Elizabeth Shirt is ERA’s Executive Director of Policy and Strategy. She has an extensive background in climate change and energy policy. Prior to joining ERA, she was Director of the Climate Change Secretariat for the Government of Alberta. She has also served as Director, Energy and Climate Change Framework Development and Director of Innovation Policy and Programs. Elizabeth’s previous experience includes providing policy advice to the Nuclear Energy Institute and the Canadian Electricity Association.

Dr. Mark Summers

Executive Director, Technology and Innovation

Dr. Mark Summers

Dr. Mark Summers

Executive Director, Technology and Innovation

Mark Summers is Executive Director of Technology and Innovation for ERA. In this role, he leads ERA’s technology evaluation process and team of project managers. Mark’s background includes technology investment program and portfolio management, renewable energy technology, and climate change policy. Prior to joining ERA, he was Director of Renewable Energy at Alberta Innovates. He has also served as a Climate Change Engineer in the Climate Change Secretariat for the Government of Alberta, and a researcher at the University of Alberta. Mark graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSc in Engineering Physics and a PhD in nanostructured engineering.

Heather Stephens

Chief Financial Officer

Heather Stephens

Heather Stephens

Chief Financial Officer

Heather Stephens is ERA’s Chief Financial Officer.  She has an extensive background in audit and financial accounting with Not-for-Profit organizations , Government of Alberta agencies as well as various private and public Canadian and International companies.  Prior to joining ERA directly, Heather spent 20 years with the multi-national accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, the last nine of which were primarily dedicated to helping establish and operate ERA (formerly Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation).