Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ERA?

ERA is Emissions Reduction Alberta. We previously operated as the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation. ERA is a key partner in implementing Alberta’s climate change strategy. Our funding, which comes from the Government of Alberta’s Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Fund, is helping to shape a province with a diverse economy, a healthy environment and a robust innovation ecosystem.

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How can I stay apprised of ERA funding opportunities?

The best way to stay apprised of our activities is through subscribing to the ERA Update Newsletter.

How does ERA find projects to fund?

ERA regularly selects projects to fund through a competitive call for submissions process. Visit our Apply For Funding page to learn more about our process.

How can I get funding for my project from ERA?

To receive funding from ERA, your project must meet the criteria set out in an active funding opportunity. The criteria are in the Guidelines Documents that are published on our website for each opportunity. The guidelines can vary for each round of funding, so it is important to review the Guidelines Document for the specific opportunity that you are responding to.

How much money does ERA provide for individual projects?

The maximum amount that ERA will provide to any project varies. Specific details are in the Guidelines Document associated with each funding opportunity.

How can I find out if my project fits the criteria for a funding opportunity?

Detailed information about the process, the review criteria and how to seek out further information is provided in the Guidelines Document of each Call for Proposal. If you have additional questions, ERA provides a webinar for each Expression of Interest. Anyone interested in submitting a proposal to ERA should participate in the webinar to ensure a full understanding of the ERA process and criteria.

How many projects is ERA funding?

A complete list of ERA funded projects is available under the Funded Projects section. Projects are added to the list once they complete a contribution agreement.

How does ERA help Alberta meet its GHG reduction goals?

ERA is helping Alberta meet its GHG reduction targets and transition to a lower-carbon economy by accelerating development of innovative technologies. All projects approved for funding are required to demonstrate how their technology will reduce GHG emissions when implemented on a project or commercial basis.

How do I determine if my project qualifies for funding?

ERA produces documents to support each funding opportunity so project proponents can determine if they qualify for funding. To assess if your project qualifies, read the Guidelines Document that supports the funding opportunity. These documents provide information about the ERA due diligence process and review criteria. The Eligible Expenses and Cost Instructions provides further guidance regarding eligible expenses.

If you have unanswered questions after reviewing ERA documentation online, contact us at

Can I meet with the board to discuss my project prior to being shortlisted?

No. The ERA board does not meet with applicants. If you wish to discuss your project prior to the shortlist process, please contact

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