Orion Plastics gains competitive advantage through energy management

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$55 million in funding for Alberta business to improve efficiency and reduce emissions

ESB Program Total Incentives Requested

About the Program

Energy Savings for Business helps Alberta businesses improve their efficiency and reduce emissions by supplying funding for commercial cost- and energy-saving technologies. The program is comprised of three offerings: Energy Savings for Business Program (ESB), Expanded Technologies Pilot (ETP), and the Small Producers Energy Efficiency Deployment (SPEED) stream.

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    Eligible Alberta businesses can reduce emissions, decrease operating costs, grow their operations and become more competitive, while creating skilled jobs and boosting economic recovery.

    Email: support@esbprogram.ca | Toll-free: 844-407-0025

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    This pilot program offers a new pathway for Alberta businesses to propose effective, commercially viable technologies with a high return on investments not currently supported through the Energy Savings for Business Program.

    Email: etp@esbprogram.ca | Toll-free: 844-407-0025

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    Through expanded eligibility and the addition of new technology types, SPEED will accelerate the deployment of proven upgrades that help eligible oil and gas producers decrease operating costs and become more competitive, boosting economic recovery.

    Email: speed@esbprogram.ca | Toll-free: 844-407-0025

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    Our dedicated contact centre is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our team will work hard to get back to you within two business days. We’re happy to help you with any questions about the program or how to apply.

    Email: support@esbprogram.ca | Toll-free: 844-407-0025

    Local (403) number: 403-778-9467
    Local (780) number: 780-306-8376
    Local (587) number: 587-943-1688

    Supported by

    The Government of Alberta committed up to $30 million for the Energy Savings for Business suite of funding through the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction fund. Up to $25 million in additional funds was made available from the Government of Canada’s Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund.

    About Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund

    The Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund provides $1.4 billion to provinces and territories to reduce carbon pollution and help Canada meet its 2030 climate target. The funding recognizes the key role provinces and territories play in addressing climate change, and it supports their efforts to reduce emissions, encourage innovation, save money, and create jobs and healthier communities.

    About the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Fund

    The TIER system is funded by large industry that pay into the fund when they do not meet emissions targets. Alberta is using up to $700 million from the TIER fund for a range of programs that are reducing emissions, boosting the economy and getting Albertans back to work. This investment supports Alberta’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and low oil prices.

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