The Best Technologies for your Buck

Business owners know that lowering expenses and streamlining technologies are important when controlling the bottom line. With the cost of electricity rising, you may be spending more money than you would like due to outdated heating and cooling systems, inefficient lighting fixtures, and air leaks. Reduce these losses with energy-saving upgrades and in the process, create comfortable, safer spaces for your employees and customers.  

Emissions Reduction Alberta’s Energy Savings for Business (ESB) program is currently offering Alberta businesses the opportunity to reduce emissions, decrease operating costs, grow their operations, and become more competitive while creating skilled jobs and boosting economic recovery. Businesses can receive up to $250,000 per project and up to $1 million per parent company to invest in energy-efficient technologies.

With a minimum incentive amount of $500, businesses of all sizes should take advantage. Here are three common areas that can make an impact on any business:

Heating and Cooling

When looking for additional savings, heating and cooling are often excellent places to start as they account for the majority of utility costs. Businesses can receive up to 50 percent of the cost of a new, energy-efficient furnace with the ESB program. An efficient furnace requires less energy to generate heat and businesses can expect to see their investment paid back within 15-20 years and continue to generate savings for up to 30 years. Businesses may also want to consider installing advanced Rooftop Units (RTUs), which offer advanced control strategies not commonly used in standard RTUs. RTUs are low cost, easy to install and replace, and can receive up to 50 per cent per unit in incentives from the ESB program. In addition, it is expected that the investment in an advanced RTU will be paid back between five to six years and continue to result in savings for at least an additional ten years.

Building Envelope

Improving your building envelope (e.g., windows, doors, and insulation) can help keep the heat inside and your bills low. With the ESB program, businesses can receive up to 50 per cent per square foot to carry out an insulation retrofit — an often costly but effective energy-saving project. Businesses should also consider installing air curtains to keep indoor temperatures steady and lessen the demand on heating and cooling systems. Pedestrian air curtains are small rectangular devices that blast hot air to create a “wall” at a point of entry. This prevents the inflow of external air and restricts the outflow of indoor air. Air curtains are easy to install and last up to five years. With the help of the ESB program, you can receive incentives of 50 per cent per air curtain unit and can see payback within two to three years. 


Energy-efficient bulbs are easy to install and require low maintenance to maintain. For a noticeable change in your energy use, you’ll want to target changing at least 50 per cent of fixtures in your business. Try replacing indoor fluorescent lighting with upgraded LED troffers. With incentives up to 20 per cent per fixture from the ESB program, you can expect to see payback within three years. 

The ESB program is open on a first-come, first serve basis for a limited time. Submit an application today and bring savings to your business. To learn more about the Energy Savings for Business program, visit the website and learn how it can benefit your business.