Carbon Upcycling uses the pollution of today to build tomorrow

Carbon Upcycling Technologies uses CO2 emissions to create nanoparticles that enhance everyday materials like concrete, plastics, and batteries. Formed in direct response to Round 1 of ERA’s Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses, the Calgary-based start-up has identified over 10 different applications across various market sectors. They are one of four Canadian companies in the finals of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, establishing them as one of the top carbon utilization companies in the world.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies is commissioning a seven tonne/day pilot facility at the ACCTC.  The focus of this project is the commercialization of an enhanced fly ash additive, a material that is substituted for cement in the concrete manufacturing process. The additive has been commercially deployed in four construction projects and can replace up to 20 percent of cement in concrete, reducing 0.9 tonnes of CO2e per tonne of concrete produced. ERA has committed $1.5 million to the project through its Partnership Intake Program.

We spoke with Madison Savilow, Chief of Staff with Carbon Upcycling, to learn more about how they are using the pollution of today to build tomorrow.