Carbonova Creates the Material of the Future

Carbonova, a spin-off company out of the University of Calgary, is accelerating the development and commercialization of new carbon capture and utilization technology that converts waste heat and carbon dioxide into carbon nanofibers that can be used to create valuable products. The project will help shift the world towards a circular economy. Carbon nanofibers have extraordinary mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties. It has applications in a wide variety of industries including transportation, concrete, electronics, textiles, coatings, lubricants, tires, and more.

ERA committed $500,000 to the $1.5 million project through an international partnership with Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT). Each project funded through ACT3 Call must consist of a consortium of at least three regions. France (Holcim and Sika) and Switzerland (Sika) are also contributing funds to the project. The ACT consortium has established itself as a strong multinational funding approach for research and innovation dedicated to CCUS, an area of intense global interest as a key emissions reduction opportunity for the large industrial sector: power generation, cement production, oil and gas, manufacturing, and more.