June 1, 2022 — May 31, 2023

In the spirit of reconciliation, we have the privilege of living, working, and investing on traditional territories, which include Treaty 6, Treaty 7, and Treaty 8 Nations; Metis Nations (Region 3 and 4); Inuit; and all others who live and care for these lands.

OUR VISION is for Alberta to have a diversified, net-zero economy with competitive industries that deliver sustainable environmental outcomes and attract investment.

In 2022/2023, we helped move this vision forward


Investing in innovative technologies

Reducing the impacts of processing and disposal

Investing in circular economy solutions that contribute to widespread environmental, economic, and social benefits.

“The Government of Alberta and ERA’s contribution to our innovative and proprietary clean technology process is hugely critical for the commercialization of our first scale up asphalt shingle reprocessing facility in Alberta.”

Aidan Mills, President and CEO, Northstar Clean Technologies Inc.

Transforming the province’s industrial sectors

Helping Alberta’s industrial sector reduce emissions, create jobs, and improve competitiveness.

“This funding enables CarbonIP’s technology to establish the province as a pioneer in supplying the North American battery supply chain with renewable critical mineral products.”

Dave Richardson, CEO, Carbon IP

Reshaping Alberta’s energy systems

Supporting new ways to transport, manage, and use Alberta’s energy.

“ERA is playing a critical role in catalyzing the accelerated deployment of clean energy technologies, innovative partnerships, and enabling infrastructure that will drive environmental outcomes and lead to long-term economic prosperity.”

 Brent Lakeman, Director, Hydrogen Initiative, Edmonton Global

Attracting international interest in Alberta-led projects through ACT Partnership  

Alberta-led carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects are receiving funding as part of ERA’s international partnership with Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT). ERA committed $3 million to 3 projects worth over $11 million with additional investments coming from Norway and the United States.

Supporting global efforts to accelerate the clean energy transition by joining CETP 

In 2022-23, ERA joined the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP). CETP is an international initiative focused on collaborative research, technological development, and innovation to accelerate the clean energy transition in Europe and around the world.

Leveraging funds through the Partnership Intake Program

In addition to its competitive Call for Proposals process, projects can also be brought forward to ERA for consideration by Trusted Partners through the Partnership Intake Program. ERA approved $8.9 million for 4 projects worth $36.6 million in 20222/23. Recipients include ARIX Technologies, Suncor Energy Inc., Enhance Energy, and Aurora Hydrogen.

Helping businesses reduce emissions and cut costs 

Due to high demand, all funding available through ERA’s Energy Savings for Business (ESB) program was awarded. For the past two years, the ESB program has provided access to incentives for cost-effective efficiency measures to help eligible Alberta businesses reduce emissions, decrease operating costs, grow operations, and become more competitive, while creating skilled jobs and boosting economic recovery.

ERA named funder of the year at first-ever Alberta cleantech awards


Addressing gaps with energy storage technologies

In June 2022, ERA hosted an Energy Storage Roundtable with government and industry stakeholders, focusing on developers of ERA-funded projects. ERA facilitated a discussion on policy, data, and technology issues across storage project developers related to quantifying and understanding emissions reduction potential from these projects.

Informing carbon capture investment decisions 

In the summer of 2022, ERA and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) announced a combined $90 million in funding for 17 carbon capture FEED studies at large industrial sites across Canada. To set these projects up for success and inform investment decisions across the innovation ecosystem, ERA and NRCan hosted a joint roundtable in December 2022 seeking feedback from key provincial, federal, and international stakeholders.

Advancing CCUS technologies

In November 2022, ERA and the International CCS Knowledge Centre, along with the Government of Alberta, hosted more than 20 Canadian and international CCUS leaders for a CCUS Roundtable. The event explored how to build relationships and expand hands-on expertise within the global CCS/CCUS ecosystem. Building off this partnership, a Senior Executive Series was formed to support the development of three whitepapers in advance of the GHGT-17 Conference in Calgary in October 2024.

Disseminating findings from ten completed projects

To support knowledge sharing that could further advance innovation, each project that ERA funds must submit a project completion report that outlines key outcomes and details the unique learnings. To ensure continued transparency, these reports are shared widely and available for public review. There were ten projects completed in 2022-23.

Examining hydrogen export opportunities

ERA and Alberta Innovates have co-written and published a white paper titled Hydrogen as an Alberta Export Opportunity: Gap Analysis. The white paper was published during the 2023 Canadian Hydrogen Convention in Edmonton.

Building an extensive investor network

In November 2022, ERA and Alberta Innovates co-hosted a free, in-person event for innovators. This had the value of having all provincial and federal clean tech funders under one roof highlighting their programming so entrepreneurs and innovators could make better sense of the opportunities and get clarity on the different organization’s programs and processes.

Heather Stephens recognized by the Women In Energy Transformation Series 

Last year, Heather Stephens, ERA’s Chief Operating Officer, was recognized by The Women in Energy Transformation Series, a partnership between the Pembina Institute and Globe Series that celebrates and honours the women advancing Canada’s transition to a clean economy and identifies opportunities for more women to get involved.

Securing a bid to co-host global GHG conference in Calgary 

ERA successfully won the bid to co-host GHGT-17 in Calgary, Alberta on October 20-24, 2024 with the International Energy Agency. This is a global conference that will attract over 1,000 presenters, delegates, and exhibitors from around the world and provides the opportunity to demonstrate Alberta’s global leadership in CCS and to showcase some the current industrial CCS projects already in operation.

Maximizing clean tech funding

In November 2022, ERA and Alberta Innovates co-hosted a free, in-person event for innovators. This had the value of having all provincial and federal clean tech funders under one roof highlighting their programming so entrepreneurs and innovators could make better sense of the opportunities and get clarity on the different organization’s programs and processes.

Showcasing ERA’s impact through podcasts, videos, and written stories

Through podcasts, videos, and written narratives, ERA showcases its funded projects and tells the stories of the people behind them.

Pictured: Justin Riemer, ERA’s CEO, announces projects approved through the Industrial Transformation Challenge.

Securing speaking opportunities at strategic events

From COP27 to Inventures, ERA took part in 65 strategic events, workshops, roundtables, and more. These efforts also helped raise the profile of Alberta as a place for clean technology investment.

Watch Justin Riemer’s Keynote Address at the Decentralized Energy Forum

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