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GHG Reductions (Tonnes of CO2e by 2030)


We know imagining new possibilities is the first step to advancing innovation.

We are investing in a diverse portfolio of technologies that will reduce GHG emissions, and we’re helping innovators address barriers to accelerate toward commercialization.

We can produce oil with fewer emissions. We can create power from landfill waste. We can eliminate methane emissions, and we can help Alberta create jobs and build a stronger, more diverse economy.

Our projects supported an average of 1,500 jobs annually in Alberta from 2011 to 2023, with a total cumulative impact of over 18,000 person-year jobs.

ERA projects add more than $2.0 billion to Alberta’s GDP, and $2.7 billion to the nation as a whole.

This is our moment to not only innovate, but to change the game entirely.

Let’s get to work.

Stewardship Update

Each quarter, ERA provides a Stewardship Update to Government. This public document provides a snapshot of ERA’s current project portfolio.

Since 2009, ERA has committed more than $564 million to over 165 projects. Our current portfolio spans four strategic areas.

*In 2012, ERA provided funding for three adaptation projects in consultation with Alberta Environment and Water (now Alberta Environment and Parks).

*We have estimated emission reductions for all projects with approved funding commitments and executed funding agreements and assumed the projects will continue successfully and as planned. Should circumstances change for these projects, emission reduction estimates may change materially.

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A Coupled CO2 and Wastewater Treatment Process to Create High Value Gas/Oil Field

University of British Columbia
Research & Development $500,000 Complete

A Matter of Timing and Source: Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers and Products to Reduce Nitrous Oxide Emissions in the Prairie Provinces

University of Manitoba
Research & Development $1,600,000 Active

Alberta Oil Sands Energy Efficiency and GHG Mitigation Roadmap

Suncor Energy Inc.
Implementation $1,600,000 Complete

Alberta Solar One

Morgan Solar Inc.
Research & Development $23,000,000 Active

Alberta Zero Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration (AZETEC)

Alberta Motor Transport Association
Demonstration $15,000,000 Active

Algae based biomass for production of fuels and chemicals

University of Alberta
Research & Development $426,000 Active

Area Measurements of Methane & Carbon Dioxide

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (Canadian Natural)
Demonstration $11,500,000 Active

Artificial Photosynthesis for Managing Industrially Produced CO2 Emissions through Carbon Capture and Value Creation

Dr. Carlo Montemagno, University of Alberta
Development $1,300,000 Active

Beta Testing of EOS Technology

Mariner Partners Inc.
Demonstration $3,600,000 Contribution Agreement

BFE Thermally Driven Refrigeration System

May-Ruben Technologies Inc.
Research & Development $3,700,000 Complete

Biocovers for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation from Landfills

Biocovers for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation from Landfills
Demonstration $3,500,000 Active

Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
Research & Development $2,400,000 Complete

Biological Co-fermentation of Carbon Dioxide and Methane to Malate

Industrial Microbes, Inc.
Research & Development $537,000 Complete

Biological Plant Inoculants to Increase Carbon Sequestration in Alberta’s Agriculture and Forestry Sectors

Mikro-Tek Inc.
Development $968,000 Complete

BIOSALIX: Mine Reclamation and Biomass Production

SYLVIS Environmental Services Inc.
Demonstration $10,500,000 Active

Blackspring Ridge I Wind Project

EDF EN Canada Inc and Enbridge Inc
Implementation $600,000,000 Complete

Brooks Solar 1 Facility

Elemental Energy Inc.
Implementation $33,700,000 Active

Calibration and Demonstration of Aerial Methane Imaging for Efficient, Wide-Area Methane Emissions Detection

Kairos Aerospace
Demonstration $537,000 Active

Captured-CO2 Catalyst for the Production of Ethylene Oxide (C3-PEO)

RTI International
Research & Development $468,000 Complete

Carbon Capture and Mineralogic Sequestration: Addressing the World Wide Epidemic on a World Wide Scale

Blue Planet Ltd.
Research & Development $947,000 Complete

Carbon dioxide utilization in concrete

CarbonCure Technologies
Demonstration $5,300,000 Active

Carbon Sequestration via Next-Generation Bioreactor Technology

LanzaTech, Inc
Demonstration $27,400,000 Active

Ceramic membrane-based technology for H2 production with CO2 capture and sequestration

GE Company
Research & Development $2,400,000 Terminated early

Chemical Transformation of Carbon Dioxide via Solar-Powered Artificial Photosynthesis

McGill University
Research & Development $500,000 Complete

CLEANSEAS™ Demonstration Project

Enlighten Innovations Inc. (Formerly Field Upgrading)
Demonstration $139,000,000 Contribution Agreement

CO2 Conversion to Methanol through Bi-reforming

University of California Riverside
Research & Development $500,000 Complete

CO2 to Graphene Reactors

Carbon Upcycling Technologies
Research & Development $529,000 Complete

Combined Heat and Power for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

Implementation $5,600,000 Active

Commercialization of Bio-Based Spray Foam

Sprayfoam Co.
Research & Development $240,000 Complete

Company-Wide Rollout of a Systematic Energy Efficiency Program Leading to Significant GHG Reductions in Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry

ConocoPhillips Canada
Implementation $13,900,000 Complete

Control of point-source low-volume methane emissions using methane biofiltration technology

University of Calgary
Demonstration $974,000 Complete

Conversion of Industrial CO2 Emissions into Biofuels and Chemicals

Research & Development $510,000 Complete

Converting Carbon Dioxide into Chemicals and Fuels Using Clean, Domestic Sources of Energy in Alberta

Liquid Light, Inc.
Demonstration $7,400,000 Complete

Crossfield Energy Centre Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine Project – hybridization of a natural gas turbine with battery storage

ENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc.
Research & Development $14,600,000 Active

Crossfield Gas Plant Energy Efficiency and GHG Reduction Project

TAQA North Ltd.
Development $34,700,000 Active

Cryogenic Carbon Capture with Energy Storage (CCCES)

Sustainable Energy Solutions
Development $981,000 Complete

Cyclic Solvent Process pilot

Imperial Oil
Demonstration $102,600,000 Active

Demonstration of Near Zero Emission Well Control System

Calscan Energy Ltd.
Demonstration $3,300,000 Contribution Agreement

Demonstration of Reduced Enteric Methane Emissions in Growing/Finishing Beef Cattle

Viresco Solutions
Research & Development $2,900,000 Active

Demonstration of the Transition from Hydrocarbons to Inert Gas Technology for Gas Blanketing and Purge in the Gas Processing Industry

Repsol Oil and Gas Canada
Research & Development $2,300,000 Active

Deploying an Advanced Analytics Platform to Quantify Livestock GHG Emissions and Monitor Reduction Strategies at Individual Animal and Whole Operation Scale

Growsafe Systems Ltd.
Research & Development $2,000,000 Active

Developing an Adsorbing Biocarbon to Achieve Greenhouse Gas Benefits in the Remediation of Produced Water in Oil Sands Operations

University of Calgary
Research & Development $58,000 Complete

Digital Optimization using Advanced Process Control in an In-Situ Facility

Suncor Energy Inc.
Demonstration $2,900,000 Active

Direct Air Capture – Pilot Plant Demonstration

Carbon Engineering Ltd.
Development $8,100,000 Complete

Direct Catalytic Synthesis of Acetic Acid from CO2 AND CH4

Gas Technology Institute
Research & Development $500,000 Complete

Downhole Imaging System for Identifying Wellbore Leakage

Demonstration $9,200,000 Contribution Agreement

Drumheller Solar and Battery Storage Project

Longspur Developments
Demonstration $25,600,000 Active

Eco-Mimicry Approach to Methane Capture in Tailings Ponds: Design of a Multi Bioreactor and Gas Sampling System for Testing the Performances of Known Methane Oxidizing Materials

Dr. Peter Dunfield, University of Calgary
Research & Development $70,000 Complete

Electric Bus On-Route Charging Deployment

City of Calgary
Demonstration $31,000,000 Active

Emission-free electrical power from multiple waste energy sources

Genalta Power Inc.
Implementation $14,900,000 Active

eMVAPEX Pilot, Phase 3

MEG Energy
Demonstration $105,000,000 Contribution Agreement

Enabling Increased Intermittent Green Generation via Wind Energy Storage

Transalta Corporation
Demonstration $22,700,000 Active

Energy Footprint Reduction for Ethylene Manufacturing

Nova Chemicals Corp.
Research & Development $1,400,000 Complete

Energy Intensity Reduction through Flow Control Devices and Non-Condensable Gas

Athabasca Oil Corporation
Research & Development $8,700,000 Active

Engineering of the Natural Gas Dual Fuel Blend System for Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles

Hi-Tec Fuel and Auto Ltd.
Demonstration $559,000 Complete

Enhanced Bitumen Recovery Technology Pilot

Imperial Oil Resoures
Demonstration $224,000,000 Contribution Agreement

Enhanced Solvent Extraction Incorporating Electromagnetic Heating

ESEIEH Consortium
Demonstration $105,600,000 Active

ENMAX E-Fleet Pilot

ENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc.
Demonstration $2,100,000 Active

ENMAX Energy Micro Renewable Energy Project

ENMAX Energy Corporation
Implementation $34,300,000 Active

ENMAX Midstream Industrial Solar + Storage Project

ENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc.
Demonstration $3,900,000 Active

Enzergy™ the Next Generation Coal Combustion for Cleaner Environment

B&C Energy Services LLC, ATCO Power and the US-based NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association)
Research & Development $465,000 Complete

Farming 4R Land, Phase I

Fertilizer Canada (Formerly Canadian Fertilizer Institute (CFI))
Demonstration $225,000 Complete

Farming 4R Land, Phase II

Fertilizer Canada (Formerly Canadian Fertilizer Institute (CFI))
Research & Development $253,000 Complete

Field pilot demonstration of UBC’s waste-to-value innovation for conversion of carbon dioxide and desalination of wastewater in Alberta

Mangrove Water Technologies
Demonstration $4,000,000 Active

Field Pilot of Multilateral Well Technology to Reduce GHG Intensity of SAGD

ConocoPhillips Canada
Research & Development $12,800,000 Active

Field Upgrading Pilot Plant

Field Upgrading Limited
Demonstration $29,100,000 Active

Field-Deployment of a Carbon Dioxide Transformation System Powered by Sunlight

McGill University
Demonstration $3,900,000 Active

First of Kind Commercial Deployment and Demonstration of 100 Class 7 or 8 OEM Commercial CNG/RNG Powered Vehicles

ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd
Demonstration $26,700,000 Active

Forestry Waste to Electrical Power – Fuel Variability Minimization, La Crete Project

Power Wood Canada Corp.
Implementation $157,800,000 Active

FortisAlberta Waterton Energy Storage Project

FortisAlberta Inc.
Demonstration $5,100,000 Active

FSG Field Prototype

Cenovus Energy Inc.
Demonstration $35,000,000 Contribution Agreement

Genesee Wood Waste Biomass Co-Firing Project

Capital Power
Demonstration $30,300,000 Active

GHG Reduction for Supply Chain Improvements for Oil & Gas Hydraulic Fracturing

Alberta Newsprint Company
Implementation $76,000,000 Active

GPHH Integrated BioRefinery™

Growing Power Hairy Hill L.P.
Implementation $40,300,000 Complete

Green Methanol from Carbon Dioxide and Renewable Hydrogen (Methanol +)

Quantiam Technologies
Research & Development $933,000 Complete

GrowTEC on-farm waste to renewable energy technology

Grow the Energy Circle Ltd.
Implementation $7,200,000 Complete

Hanna Solar Project

Implementation $189,400,000 Active

Heavy Crude Quality Improvement

MEG Energy Corp.
Demonstration $107,400,000 Active

High Efficiency Capture Using Novel Fibres in the Production of Soil Conditioning Agents Polymer Replacements

CCm Research
Research & Development $555,000 Complete

High Temperature Membranes for SAGD Produced Water Treatment

Suncor Energy Inc. Oil Sands
Implementation $10,000,000 Contribution Agreement

High-Value Synthetic Chemicals and Gasoline Drop-In Liquid Fuels from Canada’s CO2 and Flare Gas Emissions

Pioneer Energy
Development $754,000 Complete

HTC Purenergy CO2 Capture FEED Study for Devon’s Jackfish SAGD Facility

HTC Purenergy Inc
Development $487,000 Complete

Imaging & Quantification System for Fixed Site Monitoring

Demonstration $2,500,000 Active

Implementation of High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Technology at the Edmonton Waste

Waste Management Services of the City of Edmonton, partnered with the University of Alberta
Implementation $39,000,000 Active

Improved Construction of Roads and Pipelines to Minimize Impact on Peatland GHG Emissions

Dr. Maria Strack, University of Calgary
Research & Development $555,000 Complete

In-Pipe Turbine Generator Field Demonstration Project

ZKO Oilfield Industries
Demonstration $5,900,000 Active

In-Pit Extraction Process

Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Demonstration $45,800,000 Contribution Agreement

Incorporating wetland carbon values into spatially explicit tools to inform land-use decisions

Ducks Unlimited
Research & Development $164,000 Complete

Integration of Advanced Hybrid Inorganic Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Conversion

Robert Gordon University
Research & Development $681,000 Active

Intelligent NanoFertilizers: The dynamics of soil bacterial populations associated with root exudates and nitrogen uptake by wheat and canola

Carleton University
Research & Development $136,000 Complete

Kearl ConDex Flue Gas Heat and Water Recovery Project

Imperial Oil Limited
Demonstration $12,700,000 Active

Kraft Pulp Mill Flue Gas Energy Recovery Project

Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
Development $18,900,000 Active

Large Scale Building Integrated Solar PV Demonstration in Production Housing

Landmark Group of Builders
Implementation $5,800,000 Active

Lashburn CO2 Capture Demonstration Project

Husky Energy
Demonstration $23,100,000 Active

Lehigh Cement Edmonton CCUS Feasibility Project

Lehigh Cement, a division of Lehigh Hanson Materials Ltd. (Lehigh)
Research & Development $3,000,000 Active

Lethbridge Biogas, Biogas Cogeneration Project

Lethbridge Biogas General Partnership
Implementation $28,600,000 Complete

Low Carbon Fuels Project

Lafarge Canada
Demonstration $44,300,000 Active

Low Energy Produced Water Treatment

Saltworks Technologies Inc.
Implementation $3,400,000 Complete

Low Energy Water Treatment for Steam Assisted Heavy Oil Recovery

Purlucid Treatment Solutions Inc.
Demonstration $16,500,000 Contribution Agreement

Medicine Hat Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Demonstration Project

City of Medicine Hat
Demonstration $13,200,000 Complete

Methane emissions from beef cattle bred for low residual feed intake

University of Alberta
Demonstration $1,600,000 Active

Multi-Pad Pilot of a Solvent-Aided Process

Cenovus Energy Inc.
Demonstration Up to $125 million Contribution Agreement

Multi-site Cement Industry Low Carbon Fuel Implementation and Supply Chain Optimization

University of Calgary
Development $907,000 Active

N-Solv BEST Oil Sands Scale-Up Project

N-Solv Corporation
Demonstration $238,000,000 Contribution Agreement

N-Solv BEST Pilot Plant at Suncor Dover

N-Solv Corporation
Demonstration $83,000,000 Complete

Natel Energy, Inc. BRID Drop 5 Hydro Project

Natel Energy
Demonstration $3,700,000 Active

NetZero (Ready) Home Design and Demonstration for Production Housing

Landmark Group of Builders
Demonstration $2,100,000 Active

Non-Condensable Gas Co-Injection for Thief Zones

ConocoPhillips Canada
Demonstration $10,600,000 Contribution Agreement

Novel Internal Dry Reforming Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology for CO2 Utilization

University of Alberta
Research & Development $502,000 Complete

Optimization of Enzymatic System for CO2 Capture from Oil Sands Production

CO2 Solutions Inc.
Development $1,800,000 Complete

OTSG Oxy-fuel Demonstration

Suncor Energy Inc.
Demonstration $6,100,000 Complete

Partial Upgrader with Integrated Water Treatment

Heavy Oil Solutions and Cenovus Energy Inc.
Demonstration $23,600,000 Contribution Agreement

Performance validation of cattle selected for feed efficiency under extensive cow/calf production systems

University of Alberta
Research & Development $413,000 Active

Permanent Sealing of GHG Emitting or Sequestration Wells with a Bismuth-Based Metal Alloy

Seal Well Inc.
Research & Development $1,000,000 Complete

Poplar Creek Project, ET-DSP™ for Development of Athabasca Oil Sands

E-T Energy Ltd.
Demonstration $20,600,000 Complete

Post Combustion Carbon Capture using Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Pilot

Demonstration $38,000,000 Contribution Agreement

Power Generating Combustor to Eliminate Methane Emissions

Alphabet Energy
Demonstration $4,300,000 Active

Process to Capture Carbon Dioxide and Produce Structured Calcium Carbonate and Fertilizer

Carbon Cycle Limited
Research & Development $500,000 Complete

Production of Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) from Captured CO2 and Methanol

E3Tec Service, LLC
Research & Development $555,000 Complete

Project Wheatland

Carbon Clean Energy Inc.
Implementation $285,000,000 Active

Proof-of-Concept Testing: Software to Quantify Emission Rates in Real-Time

Minnich and Scotto
Development $621,000 Active

Protocol Validation Studies

The Prasino Group
Demonstration $291,000 Complete

Radio Frequency XL (RF XL) Enhanced Oil Recovery

Acceleware Ltd.
Demonstration $16,100,000 Contribution Agreement

Reducing Methane and Other Environmental Impacts from Oil Sands Tailings and Ponds

Titanium Corporation
Demonstration $10,200,000 Active

Reduction of GHG Emissions through Greening Biofuel Production and CO2 Utilization: from Pilot Plant to Commercialization

Enerkem Inc.
Implementation $5,500,000 Active

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Aerobic Landfill Project

Salt Canada Inc.
Research & Development $13,400,000 Active

Regionally Appropriate Grazing

Dr. Cameron Carlysle, University of Alberta
Research & Development $715,000 Active

Reliable Power for Remote Locations

Evergreen Energy Technologies Inc.
Demonstration $278,000 Complete

Remote Generator Compressor Systems

Gentherm Global Power Technologies
Research & Development $3,600,000 Active

REMVue/Slipstream Air/Fuel Ratio Control and Vent Capture Project

Cenovus Energy Inc.
Implementation $7,700,000 Complete

Renewable Transportation Fuel

SBI BioEnergy Inc.
Demonstration $20,500,000 Contribution Agreement

Saddlebrook Solar + Storage

TransCanada Energy
Demonstration $45,400,000 Active

Satellite-Aircraft Hybrid Detection and Quantification of Methane Emissions

Demonstration $9,100,000 Active

Shell Alberta Bioenergy Project

Shell Canada Energy
Implementation $108,000,000 Active

Skyonic SkyCycle™ Pilot Demonstration

Skyonic Corporation
Research & Development $4,200,000 Complete

Slave Lake Pulp Bio-Methanation Project

West Fraser Timber
Implementation $40,000,000 Complete

Soda Ash and Bicarbonate from a Low Energy Natural Gas Sweetening Process

New Sky Energy
Research & Development $787,000 Complete

Solidia Concrete – A Sustainable Method for Cement Production and CO2 Utilization

Solidia Technologies
Demonstration $4,700,000 Contribution Agreement

Solidia Concrete – A Sustainable Method For Cement Production and CO2 Utilization

Solidia Technologies
Research & Development $1,300,000 Complete

South Saskatchewan River Basin (SSRB) Adaptation to Climate Variability Project

Watersmart Solutions Ltd./Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions
Research & Development $1,600,000 Complete

Stack-Top Temperature Reduction Project

Global Analyzer Systems Ltd.
Demonstration $690,000 Active

Supercritical CO2 Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization Technology

TransCanada Energy
Demonstration $45,600,000 Active

Sustainable Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHCS) using Phytotechnologies

Dr. Allison Rutter, Queen's University
Research & Development $57,000 Complete

Targeted PureJet Incinerators for Methane Challenges

Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC)
Demonstration $1,500,000 Active

Technologies for Reducing GHG Emissions and Providing Offset Options for the Beef and Dairy Industries

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Research & Development $2,800,000 Active

Tree Species Adaptation Risk Management Project

Foothills Research Institute
Research & Development $3,000,000 Complete

Use of Carbon Dioxide in Making Carbonate-Bond Precast Concrete Products

McGill University
Research & Development $423,000 Complete

Use of nitrification inhibitors to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from crop fields

University of Alberta
Research & Development $235,000 Active

Valorizing Industrially Produced CO2: A Reliable and Cost-Effective Solution for Carbon Capture and its Conversion to Marketable Products

Enerkem Inc.
Research & Development $514,000 Complete

VeloxoTherm™ Carbon Capture Technology

Inventys Thermal Technologies Inc.
Demonstration $23,800,000 Active

Vent Gas Capture for Engine Fuel Use

Encana Corp.
Research & Development $5,300,000 Complete

Waste Characterization Study

City of Lethbridge
Research & Development $124,000 Active

Waste Energy to Power Utilization within an Amine Facility

Genalta Power Systems Inc.
Demonstration $1,800,000 Active

Wavelength-Selective Solar Collectors (WSSCs) for Power Generating Greenhouses and Carbon Capture

Soliculture, Inc. / University of California, Santa Cruz
Research & Development $846,000 Active

Weyerhaeuser Grande Prairie Evaporator Project

Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Implementation $81,800,000 Complete

Whitecourt Recovered Energy Project

NRGreen Power Ltd.
Demonstration $97,000,000 Complete

Whitecourt Transmission Deferral Battery

AltaLink Investment Limited Partnership
Demonstration $26,800,000 Active