Technology Roadmap

As part of engaging in more active management of our portfolio, ERA has developed a Technology Roadmap to help guide investment decisions and inform our portfolio mix.

ERA’s Technology Roadmap (TRM) articulates the pathways that will enable Alberta to have a competitive economy that delivers sustainable environmental outcomes, attracts investment, and is contributing to a prosperous, lower carbon world.

The TRM is a living document that guides ERA’s investment decisions and informs its portfolio mix. ERA works with government, industry, investors and innovators to develop the TRM and ensure it accounts for uncertainty in factors such as the pace of technology development and global decarbonization. The TRM is also intended to contribute to and align with the broader innovation system around common environmental and innovation goals that result in meaningful GHG reductions and economic growth in Alberta and around the world.


ERA investments are typically identified through our competitive call for proposals process. Projects referred by trusted funding partners under our Partnership Intake pilot may also be considered for funding.

All of ERA’s potential investments are assessed against a set of transparent criteria and undergo a rigorous due diligence review to select projects that can best deliver on our mandate.