Reclaiming mining tires could lead to $45 billion market opportunity

Each year, the tire manufacturing sector uses 20 million tonnes of rubber to produce new tires. Due to rigorous and intense use, about one million tonnes of end-of-life industrial tires are then buried on mine sites, creating environmental and operational challenges for operators.

Circular Rubber Technologies (CRT) has developed a chemical-free devulcanization process that transforms one of the mining industry’s largest waste streams into a new valuable material. Their Rubber Reclaim product will be used to create new tires, significantly reducing the amount of virgin rubber demand and rubber ending up in landfills.

Because CRT’s process does not require the use of additives, chemicals, or high-pressure gases, it is sustainable, cost effective, and scalable and an exemplary example of the circular economy in action. CRT works with both multi-national mining companies to provide the feedstock for its product and with global tire manufacturers who are looking to lower their carbon footprint.

ERA committed $3.2 million to the $16 million project.