Insight M’s methane emissions technology taking of globally

Insight M, formerly known as Kairos Aerospace, announced in February 2024 that it secured over $52 million in Series D funding to expand globally, allowing the company to bring their cost-effective, emissions-reduction technology to industrial facilities around the world.

By providing clear, actionable information about where, and how big, methane emissions are, Insight M’s LeakSurveyor technology is tackling the challenge of detecting and capturing methane emissions. In 2016, ERA committed $263,000 to support a field demonstration in Alberta.

“With this fresh addition of capital and expertise, Insight M is positioned to bring its vitally important, market-leading methanemitigation technology to customers around the world-to the benefit of all,” said Zachary Bogue, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at DCVC.

Alberta’s oil and gas sector accounts for about 70 per cent of the province’s methane emissions, making detection and quantification vital to meeting 2050 climate targets. In 2016, through its Methane Challenge, ERA invested almost $30 million to 12 projects worth a combined value of more than $80 million. This was one of those projects.

Mounted on light aircraft, LeakSurveyor rapidly and cost-effectively scans industrial facilities and large areas of land to detect leaks, allowing Insight M to easily monitor spaces inaccessible to traditional methods. Aerial capture of methane concentration data is then converted into detailed plume images, allowing operators to direct ground crews to the exact location of leaks for immediate mitigation.

In 2022, Insight M saved their oil and gas customers almost $280 million in gas value and mitigated 70 million metric tons of CO2. Series D funding will build on Insight M’s technological and commercial achievements, positioning the company to meet the increasing demand for aerial methane detection from existing and new customers. Insight M plans to leverage this funding to expand their commercial teams and operations globally, while also investing in the advancement of cutting-edge methane detection technology and software products.

“At Insight M, every person is dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers,” said Gregg Rotenberg, CEO of Insight M. “We will continue that commitment and are excited to have the support of our investors—both new and current—as we scale our value proposition, expand our global footprint, and invest in additional outstanding talent in order to assist the oil and gas industry with near- and long-term challenges and opportunities.”