LED lighting provides perfect growing conditions for Sunterra Greenhouse’s ripe-picked produce

With over 50 years of farming experience, Sunterra Farms has deep roots in Alberta. The most recent step in its agricultural journey, a glass greenhouse facility known as Sunterra Greenhouse, contains a strictly controlled microclimate that ensures plants have optimum humidity, temperature, and irrigation for peak growth, even throughout the cold Alberta winters. With these precise growing conditions, the Acme, Alberta-based operation can reliably produce fresh tomatoes and strawberries 365 days a year.

Recently, Sunterra Greenhouse accessed $1 million in incentives through ERA’s Energy Savings for Business Program, the maximum that can be accessed by a parent company. Sunterra Greenhouse installed LED lights not only to cut costs, but to also deliver the full spectrum of ultra-violet light its ripe-picked produce needs.