CP looks to hydrogen locomotives to lead decarbonization of freight transportation sector

In December 2020, CP announced plans to design and build North America’s first line-haul hydrogen-powered locomotive using fuel cells and batteries to power the locomotive. To help expand this program, ERA has committed $15 million through its Shovel-Ready Challenge, enabling CP to increase the number of hydrogen locomotive conversions in the project from one to three and add hydrogen production and fueling facilities. This work will refine the process of converting diesel-electric powertrains to hydrogen-electric powertrains over a series of three locomotive categories, which collectively represent most locomotives in use throughout North America. With support from ERA, CP’s Hydrogen Locomotive Program will demonstrate and evaluate the technical performance of hydrogen-powered locomotives and supporting fueling infrastructure in real-world operations. The program will generate critical industry knowledge that will inform future development, help establish Alberta as a global centre of excellence in hydrogen and freight rail systems and assist CP in meeting the company’s ambitious climate and sustainability objectives. Through its Shovel-Ready Challenge, ERA has provided $176 million to support 16 projects worth a combined value of $2 billion in public and private investment.