Pilot Production of Electrodes for Energy Storage Systems on Industrial-scale Equipment via a Transformative Dry Process

AdvEn Inc

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Nisku, AB

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AdvEn’s Electrode Super Adhesive Coating (“ESAC”) project aims to develop and implement an efficient pilot production process for manufacturing dry electrodes used in energy storage systems, such as those used in supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries. AdvEn’s technology utilizes a transformative dry process, protected by patented chemical formulae, processes, and equipment designs. ESAC is comprised of several technological innovations and competitive advantages over traditional wet methods employed by competitors and, when realized, will significantly reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions when compared to other manufacturing methods.

The ESAC project paves the way for commercial production of electrodes for energy storage systems in Alberta offering enhanced performance, cost-effectiveness, and true sustainability when compared to existing wet methods of electrode production. AdvEn has the potential to revolutionize the energy storage industry and contribute to the widespread adoption of efficient and environmentally friendly energy storage solutions.