HUMASORB® -L for Removal of CO2, NOx GHGs, along with SOx and Trace Metals from Fossil Fuel Combustion Gases and Recycling of CO2 into a Value Generation HUMASORB® -CS, a Stable Multipurpose Water Filter


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Virginia, US

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With two innovative products, ARCTECH offers solutions to capture CO2 from GHG-emitting industries and filter industrial wastewater with a solid filter that uses captured carbon. Positioned as passive, low-cost products ARCTECH’s HUMASORB®-L and HUMASORB®-CS can be used in a number of industries and applications with very little modification.

ARCTECH captures CO2 using a unique liquid absorbent and converts the captured carbon into a solid water filter product. This filter has the capability to remove multiple types of contaminants from wastewater. The filter can be used in variety of applications: within water-treatment plants, storm-water drainage systems, and even as a sub-surface barrier for groundwater-contaminated sites. Once the product is used up, the captured CO2 and wastewater contaminants remain permanently bound to the product and are ready for disposal. The liquid absorbent is a coal-derived organic humic liquid that has been proven to remove 100 percent of CO2 from coal combustion gases in bench scale tests. The absorbent also has the added benefit of removing NOx, SOx, and toxic trace metals from GHG emissions. The liquid can be deployed at a low-cost treatment in standalone tower reactors, or it can be retrofitted for use in existing liquid reagent based SOx scrubbers commonly used for flue gas treatment.