Nutrien Redwater Carbon Capture Study

Agrium Canada Partnership

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Redwater, AB

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Nutrien is the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, growing our world from the ground up, and raising expectations of what an agriculture company can be. In support of our sustainability and emission reduction goals, Nutrien has proposed a Study to assess the technological feasibility, develop the preliminary engineering, and create the overall business case for the difficult-to-abate carbon emissions at the Redwater, Alberta ammonia production facility.

The proposed Study will leverage the existing and rapidly developing carbon value chain of the Alberta Heartland to reduce project risks and encourage a schedule that will contribute to organizational, provincial, and federal targets. The Nutrien Redwater Fertilizer Operations (RFO) facility currently captures process CO2 generated from hydrogen production, which is compressed and transported through the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line for use in Enhanced Oil Recovery. This Study will deliver alternatives to significantly reduce the total carbon emissions from RFO contributing to a net-zero future for ammonia Nitrogen fertilizers.