We are excited to announce the companies who have received funding approval through the ETP funding stream to date:

Big Marble Farms and Rolling Acres Farms

Alberta vegetable growers, Big Marble Farms and Rolling Acres Farms have partnered together to increase the sustainability of their growing practices. Receiving $350,000 in funding from the ETP program, the duo is installing computer-controlled energy curtains in two greenhouses that will automatically open or close the curtains based on the sunlight and temperature needs of the plants inside. This upgrade will reduce their heating requirements and save approximately 827 tonnes of carbon emissions per year between their two buildings.


Rock-N-Wash®, a 50’s & 60’s themed car wash which offers multiple complementary services, is embracing the low emissions future and plan to build several new sites within the next five years. Receiving $277,700 in funding from the ETP program, Rock-N-Wash® is installing lightweight, high-speed springless doors equipped with motion sensors that open and close much faster than a standard car wash door. By significantly reducing the time doors are open during inclement weather conditions, Rock-N- Wash® can abate a significant amount of heat loss, resulting in annual GHG emission reductions of 235 tonnes of emissions and operating expenses of $47,300. 

Poly-C Farms

Poly-C Farms is a family-owned and operated dairy farm that has been producing milk in Alberta for over 25 years and is seeking to become more sustainable and efficient in their practices. Their innovative project is the replacement of a diesel-driven skid steer to push feed for the cattle with two electric, automatic Lely Juno feed pushers, which will reduce required labour, increase cattle productivity, and will save 7.7 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. They have been awarded over $26,000 in incentives from the Expanded Technologies Pilot program.

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