Project Industry: Electricity Generation – Renewable

  • Swan Hills Co-Produced Geothermal Natural Gas Hybrid Project

    Razor Energy Corp. will develop a first-of-its-kind geothermal and natural gas hybrid power project in Alberta. In partnership with FutEra Power, the project will produce 21 megawatts of electricity that will be grid connected. Razor currently operates an enhanced oil recovery operation in Swan Hills, which allows it access to an underground reservoir, bringing hot […]

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  • Chappice Lake Solar-Storage

    Elemental Energy Renewables Inc. is proposing the Chappice Lake Solar-Storage project which includes a 15MW PV installation with a first-in-kind DC connected flow battery. The Project will showcase this exciting technology which will unlock more of Alberta’s existing grid for renewable energy generation, enable daily bulk energy shifting of Project output, and demonstrate the applicability […]

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  • Canyon Creek Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Project

    Although pumped hydro energy storage is a well-established technology globally, Canyon Creek will be the first of its kind in Western Canada. Its planned 75 MW capacity and up to 37 hours of storage time will make available to the grid operator a flexible, responsive, and real time tool to help balance the intermittent supply […]

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  • Northern Alberta – Community Diesel Reduction

    ATCO Electric owns and operates two existing isolated diesel plants that supply the remote communities of Indian Cabins and Steen River with electricity. These sites are located 150 and 175km north of High Level, just south of the NorthWest Territories. ATCO Electric has completed feasibility studies that consider installing renewable generation and battery energy storage […]

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  • Anax Power Turboexpander Project

    The Anax Turboexpander provides clean, distributed electricity from the pressure and flow of natural gas, without combustion. The technology repurposes energy lost in the natural gas let-down process at network pressure reducing stations to drive an in-line generator which is installed in parallel with natural gas pressure reducing valves. Primary customers are natural gas power […]

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  • Eavor-Loop Demonstration Project

    Eavor Technologies Inc. has developed the world’s first closed loop geothermal system in a demonstration project “Eavor-Lite” near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The technology uses existing oil and gas drilling technology and expertise to build a deep subsurface heat exchanger, or radiator, to collect heat from below the earth’s surface. The technology is scalable as […]

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  • Geomechanical Pumped Storage

  • Calgary Zoo Intelligent Microgrid Project

  • Saddlebrook Solar + Storage

    The proposed project will involve the development, design, construction, commissioning and operation of a novel, utility-scale, solar plus storage electricity generation facility near Aldersyde, Alberta. The project combines innovative bifacial panel solar technology that takes advantage of Alberta’s climactic conditions, with the deployment of flow battery energy storage technology to demonstrate the practicability of firming […]

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  • Natel Energy, Inc. BRID Drop 5 Hydro Project

    BRIDs Drop 5 is an existing weir with a height of 10 meters that is capable of passing 49 cms of flow. By diverting the flow around the weir and through a powerhouse that utilizes Natel Energy’s hydroEngine® turbine, this project will generate 970 kW of capacity and 2,677 MWh of carbon-free energy annually. This […]

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