Eavor-Loop Demonstration Project


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Near Eckville, AB

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Eavor Technologies Inc. has developed the world’s first closed loop geothermal system in a demonstration project “Eavor-Lite” near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The technology uses existing oil and gas drilling technology and expertise to build a deep subsurface heat exchanger, or radiator, to collect heat from below the earth’s surface. The technology is scalable as there is no need for permeable aquifers or hydrothermal flow capacity. This makes it possible to scale up using repeatable standardized wells, without being held back by a scarce resource and high-risk exploration. The technology produces energy 24/7, emits no greenhouse gas emissions, uses negligible water, and has very low land use compared to other renewables. The Eavor-Lite project has successfully met all the predetermined technical objectives, and paves the way to scale geothermal energy on a global basis.