Agrivoltaics Research Park

Solartility Inc.

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Cochrane, AB

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Solartility to Establish Agrivoltaics Research Facility in Collaboration with the University of Calgary. Solartility is advancing a collaborative effort with the University of Calgary to establish an innovative Agrivoltaics Research Facility in Alberta. Anticipated to commence operations next year, the initiative has secured support from the Government of Alberta and Emissions Reduction Alberta. The Research facility will demonstrate a viable model for cattle based Agrivoltaics and support long term veterinary, ecological, and environmental monitoring studies. The Agrivoltaics model is designed to seamlessly integrate with Alberta’s existing agricultural practices, offering a pragmatic model for co-locating solar energy generation with cattle farming. This initiative represents a measured step toward renewable energy adoption in Alberta, aiming to expand the solar sector and aid in meeting emission reduction targets without disrupting the agricultural landscape