Project Industry: Carbon Materials

  • Materials and Methods to Manufacture Carbon Fibers from Petroleum Asphaltenes

    With ~180 billion barrels of bitumen reserves in Alberta, a considerable amount of asphaltenes (~17 wt%) are present within them. Asphaltenes, being highly carbon-rich by-products, hold great promise to serve as a cheap feedstock for a wide variety of non-combustible, high-value products with high volume applications. From Phase I and II of the Carbon Fiber…

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  • Pre-Commercial Production of Carbon Fibre and Carbon Fibre Products using Alberta Bitumen Vacuum Refinery Residue-Derived and Asphaltenes-Based Precursors

    Thread’s Vision is to advance sustainable human evolution of structure and design by unlocking the productive efficiency of carbon fiber. Cumulating from over seven years of innovation, Thread has developed proprietary and patent-pending process technology to produce carbon fiber from Alberta oil sands bitumen-based feedstocks. Regarded as a strategic material in next-generation structure and design,…

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  • Development of Lower-Cost High-Value Carbon Fibres from Alberta Bitumen Derived Feeds

    Bitumen derived carbon fibres provide a route to not only create low-cost high-performance fibres for clean tech, but reduce the carbon footprint of carbon fibre production. Based on scientific advancement, the project aims at the development of functional carbon fibre prototypes for applications such as electromagnetic shielding for battery cases, conductive filaments for anodes, 3-D…

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