Pre-Commercial Production of Carbon Fibre and Carbon Fibre Products using Alberta Bitumen Vacuum Refinery Residue-Derived and Asphaltenes-Based Precursors

Thread Innovations Inc

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Edmonton, AB

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Thread’s Vision is to advance sustainable human evolution of structure and design by unlocking the productive efficiency of carbon fiber.

Cumulating from over seven years of innovation, Thread has developed proprietary and patent-pending process technology to produce carbon fiber from Alberta oil sands bitumen-based feedstocks. Regarded as a strategic material in next-generation structure and design, carbon fiber is up to 10x stronger than steel and up to 5x stiffer than aluminum per unit of weight while also offering several thermal, conductivity, and durability advantages. Thread’s technology sequesters the bitumen-carbon from combustion supply-chains in an energy and emission efficient process to produce cost-disruptive carbon fiber with globally impactful scalability. Funding through the ERA is instrumental to Thread as it transitions from demonstration to pre-commercialization scale-up.