Controller systems to utilize up to 50% NG with diesel in vehicles

Hi-Tec Fuel and Auto Ltd.

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Edmonton, AB

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Hi-Tec Fuel and Auto Ltd. has a long history of innovative fleet solutions, including natural gas conversions, upfitting, maintenance and repair. Hoping to add to their successes, this project demonstrated a dual fuel technology, a conversion technology system, and added it to an existing heavy duty (HD) vehicle diesel engine, enabling the HD diesel engine to operate on a high proportion of natural gas blend. Potentially, up to 60% (or greater) of the diesel fuel can be substituted with compressed natural gas (CNG) when utilizing the Hitec dual fuel technology. CNG, the cleanest of all the fossil fuels, contains less carbon than diesel, and producing lower CO2 emissions per vehicle mile travelled.

In addition, the technology is expected to provide added operational benefits by reducing heavy duty vehicle fuels costs and boosting engine power.