CO2 to Graphene Reactors

Carbon Upcycling (formerly JRE Petroleum)

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Research & Development

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Calgary, Ab

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Carbon Upcycling Technologies, previously JRE Petroleum Services, has developed a technology the captures CO2, combines it with graphite and converts it into graphene. The technology required is small and easily implemented by producers with high CO2 emissions from a variety of industries. The graphene product created from the process is a brand new family of nanoparticle. The uses for graphene are continually being developed and represent significant potential.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies process aims to convert CO2 into graphene, an allotrope of carbon. To accomplish this conversion, a mill reactor is used to process CO2 and graphite into the high-quality graphene. The feed CO2 may be in a gaseous state or in a dry-ice state. The resulting reaction with graphite produces carboxylated layers of graphene that can be used for adding mechanical strength to cement or for use in water-purification membranes. While many GHG reduction methods involve storage or conversion into another fuel—only delaying CO2 emission—this process binds the CO2 into the graphene structure, serving to create a new family of nanoparticle.