Carbon Capture and Mineralogic Sequestration – Addressing the World Wide Epidemic on a World Wide Scale

Blue Planet Ltd.

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California, US

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Blue Planet has developed a technology platform called Liquid Condensed Phase (LCP) that creates usable green building products that contain sequestered CO2. Their LCP solution provides a more efficient, cost-effective method for CO2 emission control for industries from, cement, power, and petrochemical industries. At the same time, it creates a highly flexible primary raw material and a range of marketable end-use building materials.

The LCP process uses natural and wastewater along with CO2 to produce a solution that is rich in bicarbonate ions. This solution can then be used to produce a large variety of carbon-mitigating concrete building materials. These materials include LCP liquids used in ready-mix and precast concrete formulations or concrete aggregates produced with the LCP solution. These building materials also have an emission control service component for refineries, cement plants, natural gas and coal-fired power plants.