Energy Savings for Business: Informational Webinar

Informational Webinar

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Steve MacDonald, ERA’s CEO, and Marc Huot, ERA’s Program Director, hosted an informational webinar on Wednesday, November 25 at 10 a.m. (MT). They provided an overview of the $55 million Energy Savings for Business program, including highlights on the program’s intent, scope and eligibility, and the submission process. There was a question and answer period following the presentation.


ERA’s new Energy Savings for Business Program—a funding opportunity to support small- and medium-scale industrial and commercial businesses—is awarding up to $55 million for cost-saving and emissions reducing projects. The program will help Alberta businesses reduce emissions, decrease operating costs, grow their operations and become more competitive, while creating skilled jobs and boosting economic recovery.

The projects are anticipated to account for lifetime greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions of 1.1 million tonnes of CO₂, create about 1,400 (direct and indirect) jobs and drive $300 million in economic activity—providing a positive five times benefit to Alberta’s GDP.


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