Our 15 Year History

Over the past 15 years, ERA has been a key player in helping to reduce GHGs, attract investment, and create jobs in Alberta. Beginning with Alberta’s 2008 Climate Change Strategy and the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation (SGER) and transitioning through to the Government of Alberta’s current Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) regulation, ERA has […]


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Technology funding ERA is investing in a diverse portfolio of transformative, sustainable technologies that reduce GHG emissions and position Alberta for success. Energy Savings for Business Learn about ERA’s new Energy Savings for Business Program—a funding opportunity to support small- and medium-scale industrial and commercial businesses. Big News Our Impact FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES We use a […]


Residential VPP Grid Services Demonstration for effective management of DERs and EVs

As the number of installed residential Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and Electric Vehicle Chargers (EVCs) continues to increase, there is an opportunity to leverage these resources for the benefit of asset owners, energy customers, and Local Distribution Companies (LDCs). The integration of residential DERs (Distributed Energy Resources) and EVCs into Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) presents […]


Ultra Low Grade Energy Storage and ORC Power System

Boundary Energy Inc. is an Alberta based company that has developed an Ultra Low Temperature ORC system that can operate at lower temperatures than other commercially available ORC technologies. The Boundary ORC systems can produce electricity efficiently using ultra-low-grade thermal sources with temperatures as low as 90 C. Also, due to the cycles ability to […]


Data Management Solutions for High Frequency Methane Monitoring

Currently, methane sensors record concentration with time and location, not mass of methane released. The heart of the Arolytics innovation is techniques to simulate plumes of methane leaking from equipment in order to reconcile the data from various types of sensors (continuous on site, aerial surveys , imaging etc.) with the mass of methane released […]


Evaluation of reduced enteric methane emissions in beef cattle using a novel vaccine at research farms in Alberta

Testing a novel inoculant designed to target methane-producing bacteria in cattle with the aim of reducing methane generation from the digestion process.


ibex SAGD Steam and Solvent TRL 7 Field Trial

The ibexTM steam generator prototype will be modified for continuous operation and tested in the lab and in the field with live fluids at a thermal oil sands operator site. The proprietary contactor will also be scaled up to provide key optimization data for the design of the full-scale facility. The aim is to safely […]

Media Release

Alberta invests over $44 million through ERA to help 21 small- and medium-sized enterprises get their clean technology solutions to market faster

Projects are worth over $162 million in public and private investment CALGARY, AB – Building a testing facility that uses an alternative approach to processing biofuels is one of 21 projects led by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) receiving a total of $44.4 million from the Government of Alberta through Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)’s Emerging […]


Emerging Innovators Challenge Social Media Toolkit

Emerging Innovators CHALLENGE FUNDING ANNOUNCEMENT Social media toolkit This social media toolkit will help you share information about ERA’s latest funding announcement for the Emerging Innovators Challenge on July 12, 2024. About the funding announcement On July 12, 2024, Minister Rebecca Schulz will announce a $44.4 million investment in 21 technology projects from small- and […]



Alberta Invests Over $44 Million to Help SME’s Get Clean Technology Solutions to Market Faster The Government of Alberta, through Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) is committing $44.4 million in technology and innovation funding for 21 projects led by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Funded projects, worth a combined $162.7 million in public and private investment, […]