Zero Waste Low GHG Regenerative Fertilizer Facility

Replenish Nutrients

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Replenish Nutrients Ltd. Has developed innovative agriculture input solutions using recycled organic matter in the form of compost and locally sourced elemental minerals resulting in a low salt product containing essential macro and micronutrients. These value-added soil creation solutions are particularly suited to Northern Alberta crops and provide the agricultural sector access to locally manufactured inputs, lower logistical costs, and diversify the local economy.

Replenish Nutrients Ltd. is proposing to design and construct a zero waste, low GHG 50,000 mt/yr regenerative fertilizer facility project near Debolt, Alberta. The project supports the transition to low-carbon agriculture practices using the circular economy, reduces emissions, improves soil health and soil carbon sequestration abilities. The emissions reduction potential is estimated at 22,585 tCO2e per year.

Project Objectives:
1) Improved soil health
2) Locally produced agriculture product alternatives
3) Creation of long-term agriculture-based employment, sector growth and diversification
4) Transition to low-carbon agriculture practices through the utilization of local sources of raw materials, nutrient upcycling and low emission mineral sources
5) Export opportunity creation