Using Ag waste and craft brewer’s grain to grow high value mushrooms and produce livestock feed.

Ceres Solutions Ltd.

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Olds, AB

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Ceres has developed a system which uses otherwise wasted brewery and agricultural byproducts as a growing media for specialty mushroom cultivation. The mushrooms grown in Ceres’ system are higher quality, fresher, more affordable and more sustainable than what is currently available. During the mushroom growing process, fibers in the growing media are broken down by the mushroom and converted into protein. Because of this protein enhancement, the growing media left after mushroom harvesting can be used as cattle feed called Mycopro™. This made in Alberta solution supports local breweries, farmers, chefs, food processors and cattle ranchers. The system promises to be seven times higher yielding per square foot than conventional mushroom farms and the combined effect of its circular operation is a reduction of approximately 1,300 t CO2e/yr for each 3,000 sq ft farm.