The Conversion of Forestry Residue to Advanced Biofuels in Alberta

Steeper Energy Canada Ltd.

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Steeper Energy’s Hydrofaction® technology employs proven, catalytic, supercritical water chemistry to convert waste biomass from forests and fields into Hydrofaction® Oil. This advanced bio-crude product is economically upgradeable into diesel or jet fuel using Steeper Energy’s multi-stage upgrading technologies. With minor modification, Hydrofaction® Oil can be co-processed with petroleum cuts in existing Alberta refineries, allowing refiners to meet Alberta’s renewable fuel obligations by using agricultural and forestry waste feedstocks. This ERA sponsored “Project” will advance the cost-effectiveness and engineering required for the commercially viable transformation of bio-crude oil to finished transportation fuels. The Project will advance the business arrangements for the first commercial Hydrofaction® plant in Alberta, which could reduce annual carbon emissions by over 300,000 tCO2e.