Solidia Concrete – a Sustainable Method for Cement Production and CO2 Utilization

Solidia Technologies

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This project provided Alberta with new cement and concrete products with the goal of offering equivalent cost, superior performance and 70 per cent reduced CO2 footprint compared to Portland cement. The patented technology, proven at full-scale, uses CO2 to cure low-lime cement and achieves full strength concrete within 24 hours. Initial markets are precast masonry and semistructural products, transitioning to cast-in-place concrete. Solidia will partner with Lafarge, the world’s largest cement company, for scale-up and commercialization. The project goal was to deliver market, manufacturing, performance and cost data with a commercialization timeline. A CO2 emission reduction of over 120,000t is expected for 2014-2019, growing to over 1 Mt/y with 80 per cent adoption.