Soda Ash and Bicarbonate from a Low Energy Natural Gas Sweetening Process

New Sky Energy

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Using an energy-efficient natural gas purification process, New Sky’s project will convert CO2 and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) contaminants from sour gas into valuable commodity chemicals, including soda ash, bicarbonate, and sulphur. The process uses a non-toxic, water-soluble base to capture CO2 and H2S, leaving pure natural gas for use as a low-carbon fuel. Instead of venting the CO2 from sour natural gas into the atmosphere, New Sky’s process would put that CO2 to use as carbonates to manufacture glass, paper, and dozens of other common products.

New Sky’s gas sweetening technology efficiently scrubs both CO2 and H2S from sour natural gas, and uses the inherent chemical energy of H2S to regenerate the capture agent at very low energy cost. The net result is three useful, low carbon products:  sweet natural gas, sulphur, and carbonates such as soda ash and bicarbonate.