Shepard Energy Centre Carbon Capture Unit FEED Study

Enmax Corporation

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ENMAX has received funding from Emissions Reduction Alberta to support a front-end engineering and design (FEED) study. This FEED study will help determine the feasibility of constructing and integrating a carbon capture unit at ENMAX’s Shepard Energy Centre (SEC) located in Calgary, Alberta.

SEC is currently Canada’s benchmark electricity generation facility for commercial-scale natural gas combined-cycle plants regarding emissions intensity and emissions efficiency. ENMAX believes SEC has the potential to be an industry-leading facility for carbon capture and storage.

The FEED study is critical to ensure ENMAX has the data and insight to drive investment in what would be Canada’s largest commercial-scale natural gas combined-cycle facility to integrate a carbon capture unit.

The FEED study will explore carbon capture at SEC, including:

  • Learning how carbon capture technologies can be integrated with SEC and selecting a capture technology
  • Conducting a financial analysis of carbon capture at SEC
  • Providing insight into potential emissions reduction targets for commercial-scale natural gas combined-cycle electricity generation

As a leader in sustainability, ENMAX is pleased to work with Emissions Reduction Alberta to reinforce our commitment to a safe, reliable and lower-carbon future for our customers and communities.