SCC FGR on gas turbine with mole sieve CCS

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Strathcona Resources, in collaboration with Solar Turbines and Caterpillar Low Carbon Solutions, intends to build a commercial-scale demonstration of a Semi-Closed-Cycle (SCC) Flue-Gas-Recirculation (FGR) technology combined with a molecular sieve to effectively capture and store carbon. This technology will be applied on a gas turbine cogeneration system at our Lindbergh thermal oil facility near Cold Lake, Alberta.

This CCS project is expected to permanently sequester about 95% of the natural gas burning turbine’s generated CO2 emissions underground. The Basal-Cambrian disposal zone, where CO2 is to be stored, has the advantage of being porous, thick, permeable with secure capstones, which is ideal for CO2 sequestration and like the formation currently used by the successful Shee Quest project.

Once operational, annual direct carbon emissions captured from the project are estimated at 37,000 tonnes/year. Cumulative CO2 sequestered between planned commissioning in late 2026 and 2030 is estimated at nearly 150,000 tonnes. Emissions sequestered by 2040 are projected to exceed 500,000 tonnes. Outcomes and learnings from the project will be widely applicable to industries beyond oil and gas.