RASCOL – Retrofit Application of Spectrally Selective Coatings to Overhead Lines 

Cable Coatings Limited T/A AssetCool 

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Alberta and Quebec

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This project is centred around the direct application of capacity enhancing coatings to overhead transmission lines, semi-autonomously, in situ. This has the potential to increase the capacity of existing conductors by up to 30% without reconductoring or building new lines, a cost saving we estimate at 95%.

AssetCool (a UK based technology company) have developed a coating for overhead lines which reflects solar radiation and increases heat dissipation, thereby cooling them by up to 35%. This coating passively lowers the temperature of the line through spectral selectivity (simultaneous solar reflectivity and thermal emissivity). A reduction in operating temperature of overhead conductors permits a higher current carrying capacity or a reduction in power losses due to lower resistance. The ability to apply a coating robotically/autonomously to overhead conductors in-situ, which can increase capacity up to 30%, represents the ability to upgrade transmission capacity without reconductoring/building new lines.

A live pilot will take place with a private renewable energy generator in Southern Alberta, to increase the capacity of their tie line into the main Alta-Link system, permitting a greater export of renewable energy into the grid. The project will involve demonstrating the technology, verifying technical performance, process and economic improvements.