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Circular Rubber Technologies

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Red Deer, AB

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Founded in 2019, Canadian clean tech startup Circular Rubber Technologies Inc. (CRT) is a Pending B Corp on a mission to enable infinite reuse of the world’s rubber.

Globally, 20 million tonnes of rubber is used annually to make new tires, and the majority is ultimately landfilled or used in low grade applications at the end of their life. CRT’s proprietary process converts end-of-life industrial tires into high quality natural rubber reclaim that substitutes virgin natural rubber in new tires. A truly circular tire-to-tire solution.

CRT’s high quality product, clean process, global supply chain network, and fully traceable solution provides tire manufacturers with a sustainable alternative to virgin rubber at stable lower cost levels with an exponentially lower carbon footprint.

In 2023, CRT is constructing the world’s first commercial facility for end of life industrial tires in Alberta whilst continuing to innovate and scale its global operations to achieve significant growth.