Project Prairie Seawater – Synergistic benefits between lithium extraction of Alberta brines and separation of Ca and Mg for greener cement precursors

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Calgary, AB

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ZS2 Technologies (ZS2), in partnership with Baymag, and in coordination with Lithium Bank, has developed new processes and chemistry for a low carbon Made-in-Alberta cement, and carbon capture and sequestration technology. This novel solution produces high performance building materials while simultaneously solving the need to decarbonize cement, providing both a practical and economic application that permanently sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere.

Leveraging a circular model through strategic local partnerships, the science from ZS2 incorporates an unused mined Magnesium ore from Baymag, lithium-void wastewater brine from Lithium Bank, with advanced manufacturing technologies from ZS2 to produce an innovative carbon-negative magnesium-based cement (MBC). ZS2’s technology will capture CO2 directly from at Lithium Bank’s site and then integrate the captured CO2 into novel MBC products.  The process provides an industry-transforming solution that produces cement from waste brines and utilizes off-spec products from the mining sector in Alberta.