Power Pod, Reliable Power for Remote Locations

Evergreen Energy Technologies Inc.

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Calgary, AB

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Darryl West—owner, president, and the only full-time employee of Evergreen Technologies—began his company in Calgary to develop and commercialize new ideas for curbing the energy industry’s environmental impact.

Evergreen’s Power Pod Technology reduces GHG emissions by replacing gas venting pneumatic devices, which vent gas directly into the atmosphere, with hybrid Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC) combined with solar power generation.

Electric injection pumps driven by solar energy have been used successfully in the U.S., but the low solar flux in Canadian winters results in lower reliability. DMFC cells are a reasonably efficient alternative consume methanol, a fuel readily available at field locations.

Evergreen Energy Technology combined the two technologies to develop a reliable source of energy in the darker winter months. ERA funding supported field-testing, evaluating market value and moving the technology towards commercialization.