Opti-Cart from Optimal Agricultural Equipment Ltd.

Optimal Agricultural Equipment Ltd.

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Lacombe, AB

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The proposed technology by Optimal Agricultural Equipment Ltd is Opti-Cart, a dual-purpose grain cart/seed tender unit for the grain farming industry. This unit is suitable for use as a grain cart in the fall during harvest season and as a seed tender cart in the spring to deliver seed and fertilizer to a seeding tool. The equipment serves to decrease seed filling times, reduce fuel consumption, operational cost, and GHG emissions whilst providing greater ROI for farmers. The equipment can increase seeding capacity by as much as 40%, allowing 697 acres to be seeded in 16-hour workday as against 495 acres per 16-hour workday. GHG emissions reduction will be achieved by reduced fuel consumption (1,276L savings in diesel for a 10,000 acre farm per season).