Mitigating Remote Power Diesel Generator Emissions: A Sustainable Approach 

Graph Energy Inc. 

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Various sites, Alberta

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Graph Energy, alongside Phoenix Energy Services and Caledonian Midstream Corp., is spearheading a project to innovate energy storage in Alberta’s energy systems, targeting remote communities and industries. Aligned with national goals, this initiative aims to drastically reduce GHG emissions and fossil fuel use, focusing on natural gas and diesel generators. Central to this are two technologies: the Polar Graphene Ultracapacitor and the Energy Management System (EMU), which are set to enhance energy storage and efficiency.

The Polar Ultracapacitor stands out for its high capacity, extreme temperature resilience, and rapid charge/discharge capabilities, ideal for demanding industrial settings. The EMU efficiently orchestrates various energy sources, significantly reducing GHG emissions. The project unfolds in two phases: first, validating and demonstrating 30 kW EMU Polar Units, followed by scaling to larger 300 KW+ and 1 MW+ generators. This venture aims to make energy generation more eco-friendly and aligns with Alberta’s ambition for net-zero emissions by 2050, marking a pivotal shift towards sustainable energy practices in the sector.