Millennium Place Recreation Centre Hydrogen Combined Heat and Power – Path to Net Zero

Strathcona County

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Sherwood Park, AB

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Strathcona County and ATCO Gas are collaborating to revolutionize energy consumption at the Millennium Place Recreation Centre. Their joint project aims to continue the decarbonization of the facility by introducing a cutting-edge hydrogen-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) system.
The project involves installing a hydrogen fueled CHP system at Millennium Place, which will simultaneously generate electricity and heat. This move significantly reduces reliance on grid-sourced electricity and natural gas. ATCO Gas is planning to construct a dedicated hydrogen distribution pipeline directly to Millennium Place, ensuring a reliable supply of hydrogen fuel. The initiative demonstrates how hydrogen can help minimize carbon emissions while maintaining energy reliability. Once operational, the combined heat and power system at Millennium Place will serve as a model for decarbonization at other large commercial and institutional sites in the province. By linking supply, transportation (via the pipeline), and demand, this project lays the groundwork for an emerging regional hydrogen ecosystem.