Methane Imaging Solution for Continuous Leak Detection and Quantification for Tank Emissions and Facility Monitoring

Kuva Canada Inc. (MultiSensor Canada Inc.)

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Brooks region AB & Southern AB

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Kuva Systems (Formerly Multisensor Scientific), together with site hosts Cenovus Energy, NAL Resources and CMC Research Institutes, will commercially demonstrate its ground-breaking IoT solution to detect, visualize and quantify methane and other hydrocarbon emissions, affordably making the invisible measurable.  Two solutions will be demonstrated:  a relocatable camera site assessment system for quantifying tank emissions over a period of days and weeks, and permanently installed, cloud connected cameras with automatic leak detection and alarming. Installed cameras at larger sites will enable operators to automatically detect malfunctions if they occur, repair them quickly, demonstrate regulatory compliance and replace manual leak detection, reducing costs and accelerating emissions reductions.

Tank emissions are a focus area for upstream E&P operators in Alberta, as they are widely fluctuating and have been challenging to measure so far.  Continuous, automated, non-contact measurement from a safe distance will be demonstrated. The project includes a comprehensive study of 100 well sites in a variety of production regions and tank construction styles with additional site hosts to further understand well site emission characteristics. Permanent camera installation at well sites, gas plants and tank farms are planned through all four seasons / one year as well as leak mitigation measures.