Low emission hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide and water

Thiozen Inc.

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Wembley, AB

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Thiozen’s patented chemical cycle produces hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide – the “sour gas” waste stream – thereby replacing traditional hydrogen production. This process will dramatically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the technology will improve air quality and respiratory health in communities near current hydrogen infrastructure while providing cost-sensitive firms a path to both procuring additional hydrogen and lowering the carbon intensity of their products.

Thiozen successfully established and operated its first infield pilot unit in the Permian Basin of Texas, proving that its technology effectively removes hydrogen sulfide from a sour gas stream and generates low-emission hydrogen gas. The ERA demonstration project expands on that foundation through construction of a new facility in Alberta. This large-scale implementation of Thiozen’s technology is designed to support Alberta’s energy transition to low-cost, low-emission hydrogen.