Lignin Based Production of Hard Carbon for L-ion Battery (LIB) Anodes


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Demand for electric batteries is increasing at unprecedented rates, driving demand for anode grade activated Hard Carbon (HC), a key component in several battery technologies, including L-ion Batteries (LIB). Without a North American source, North American based battery makers must import activated carbon from Asia, generating GHG emissions from transportation and creating a supply chain security risk.  

CarbonIP’s project, Lignin-Based Production of Hard Carbon for LIB Anodes, will demonstrate a pilot scale, continuous manufacturing process, using patent-pending technology and biomass feedstock, to produce renewable material based Activated Carbon in Canada.  Renewable HC, made from lignin, can augment the supply chain for mined graphite and/or synthetic graphite and create a domestic supply of this critical battery component.  Through this project, CarbonIP will create a high value product that provides superior energy storge capabilities, promotes a sustainable and circular economy, provides a secure domestic supply chain, and eliminates overseas product sourcing.