Launching the GoVAC® MAX System in Alberta 

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When natural gas pipeline operators perform maintenance operations, upgrade pipelines, remove pipelines from service, or conduct pigging operations, the segment of pipeline being worked on must be evacuated of the natural gas prior to commencing work. Too often this natural gas is simply released, or vented, releasing methane into the atmosphere. Another common practice is flaring the natural gas, thereby releasing carbon dioxide instead of methane. Given the frequency and volume of these activities (also known as “blowdowns”), the amount of natural gas that is either vented or flared is, on a global basis, substantial. The practice of intentional venting or flaring is coming under increased scrutiny due to the concern of the global warming potential of atmospheric methane in the short term. Onboard Dynamics, LLC supports the natural gas ecosystem in reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions safely and reliably through innovative and practical commercial solutions.

This project proposes to launch our pipeline evacuation solution, the GoVAC® MAX System, that will enable Albertan pipeline operators to capture and recover natural gas from pipelines that otherwise would be vented or flared. This project will manufacture a GoVAC® MAX System specifically for Alberta that will meet all Canadian requirements and be approved for use by way of an Engineering Review conducted by a Canadian accredited professional engineering (PE) firm. Launching the GoVAC® MAX System in Alberta will help to reduce the environmental impact of maintaining the natural gas pipeline infrastructure and make the process of natural gas recompression safe, efficient, and reliable. This fully automated system will also incorporate new advanced methods for accurately measuring and reporting on the captured and recovered natural gas.