Landfill Fly Ash Beneficiation

Lafarge Canada Inc.

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Parkland County, AB

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Lafarge Canada Inc. is proposing to build a facility that will beneficiate landfilled fly ash in Alberta. Fly ash is a fine powder that is a by-product of burning coal in electric generation power plants. This by-product is used extensively in the concrete industry as a replacement for cement in the concrete mixture due to its cementitious and pozzolanic properties. Given the shift away from coal fired power plants resulting in fresh fly ash ceasing to be produced by the end of 2021, Lafarge is looking at using beneficiated landfilled fly ash as a replacement.

The proposed project will be the first of its kind in North America, and will use both patented and non-proprietary technology to create a unique process whereby landfilled ash material can be beneficiated to a point where it meets CSA A3000 standards and market expectations. Specifically, this process will mine the ash from landfill, remove the moisture, mill the material and remove excess carbon.

By turning the landfilled waste into a marketable product, it will continue to aid in reducing the amount of cement produced and, consequently, the emissions of that cement production. The project will allow for a standalone sustainable business aimed to minimize environmental footprint, create new long-term jobs in Alberta and maintain supply for concrete producers in Western Canada.”