Kinitics Valve Actuator for Gas Producers

Kinitics Automation Limited

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Methane venting at Canadian natural gas producers’ well sites is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Pneumatic control devices that use natural gas to operate are a major contributor to this methane venting. According to a recent study, methane venting from pneumatic devices at well sites in Alberta alone is estimated at over 475,000 tonnes per year.

Kinitics Automation is introducing its electric valve actuator as a direct replacement for these pneumatic devices, which will eliminate the venting of methane at the sites, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Kinitics actuators, based on shape memory alloys and the company’s Bundled Wire technology, require minimal infrastructure and maintenance, and provide exceptional accuracy.

Post-project, Kinitics will roll out its electric valve actuator across Alberta natural gas facilities in both greenfield and brownfield installations, targeting the elimination of the methane venting devices and helping industry meet the requirements of Alberta’s Directive 60.