Kearl ConDex Flue Gas Heat and Water Recovery Project

Imperial Oil Limited

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Kearl Oil Sands Project, AB

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This project will demonstrate ConDex boiler flue gas and water recovery technology at Imperial’s Kearl Oil Sands mine. The ConDex technology is designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by capturing and using exhaust heat otherwise lost to the atmosphere through the flue gas streams in oil sands mining operations. The technology is a high-performance heat recovery unit that condenses water out of flue gasses to recapture a significant amount of waste heat to be recycled and utilized in the process. Key innovations include the heat exchanger design, use of advanced metallurgies to prevent corrosion caused by the acidic nature of condensed flue gasses and integration to optimize heat utilization to maximize fuel reduction Imperial is developing this project in collaboration with COSIA members Teck Resources Ltd. and Syncrude Canada Ltd. as well as through the Foresight ARCTIC program.